Felted Fungus Baby Rattle

 This is the cutest ideas from Christine of “On My Honor” three sisters, one little blog, needle felted this darling toadstool rattle for a friend’s daughter and she is not too sure suitable for a baby.  Christine questions: “I felted a little toadstool rattle for a friend’s daughter, but I’m not quite sure (and Catherine agrees) if the rattle will stand up to baby fingers and baby strength. I mean, I’ve shaken the hell out of it, but I haven’t tried to rip it to pieces or put it in my mouth (both big time baby activities). Should I try to reinforce it? Make it thicker? Or should I send it off to the middle of corn country (Iowa) and let nature take its course”?  I would say no to a baby because the first stop for everything is the mouth, but would love to hear from all of you.  It is a sweet toadstool and maybe the mother could use it as a baby room decoration or the mom could hold it and amuse the baby with the rattle.



  1. says

    I love this! I think it’s cute! I would have to say to the baby though. Fuzzies suck when they get in your mouth! And nothing is more horrid than fuzzies being half digested in a baby. LOL. I say use it as a decoration!

  2. Bettina Groh says

    I left a negative to this idea on the link too. The mushroom is super cute but not really good for baby mouths… plus wool roing almost always has veggie matter and who knows what else in it!

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