Felt Leaf Wreath Tutorial


Stefi of “Just Chic” is sharing her lovely and affordable Felt Leaf Wreath Tutorial. I am impressed because she did not have to purchase a wreath or wreath form for her creation. She used cardboard for the form and felt scraps for this project and shows us in detail how to make her wreath. Stefi tells us that if you don’t have felt scraps; you can pick up a few sheets of felt from your craft supply shop for pennies.  She has a lovely template for copying her leaves. What a stunning fall addition this wreath makes above her fireplace. Stefi models her own creations and her husband Dan does her photographs.  She comes from a creative family as you will find on her blog. She also runs and Etsy shop call “Just Chic” where she sells her designer clothing at affordable prices.  Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.  




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