Tutorials; “witchy mouse toy” and “Baby Penguin”


Holly Dawes of “Holloughby” has created this darling “witchy mouse toy” tutorial for Halloween suitable for both girls and boys and she is sharing it with us.  The “witchy mouse toy” tutorial is in 2 parts; Part1 and Part2. Holly lives in the UK and has a delightful blog for you to follow. She also has this precious sweet Baby Penguin (pictured) tutorial and tells us a little story about the Penguin.  Holly: “Hi! I saw in the news that people have discovered a new thing about penguins! When penguins huddle together for warmth they do a kind of Mexican wave to shuffle everyone around, making sure everyone has a turn in the middle! Watch the video here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-13616778  Both of her tutorials are clear and easy to follow.  The Penguin would make the cutest Christmas ornament or gift topper.  Thanks so much Holly for sharing your awesome talent with us. 




  1. says

    Thanks so much for sharing my tutorials and for all of the lovely things you said!
    Thanks for a great site! Hooray!
    Holly. x

  2. Fred Milliner says

    I love the witchy mouse’s hair.. will be making one of these for hallowe’en. Thanks Holly!

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