FREE Needle Felting Tutorial: Skulls for Halloween

I think these are the cutest skulls I have ever seen and Emi of “small good things” wants to get into Halloween and she is sharing her darling skulls tutorial with us; that you can find here.  Emi needs our help, so let’s try to help her out. Emi tells us: “I have a confession to make today – I am a Halloween virgin. No, never experienced ‘Trick or Treat’ (little bit sad, really). I think it’s because we Japanese don’t really celebrate Halloween, and Halloween isn’t such a big deal (or so it seems to me) in Britain. My impression is that British people are more excited about Guy Fawkes Night (5th of November); maybe this might change if Halloween was a Bank Holiday (public holiday)…?

So anyway, for this year’s Halloween, I want to do something special. But as I am a Halloween virgin, I don’t really know where to start. My main concerns are:

What do adults with no kids do on Halloween?

What time would people start Trick or Treating?

What’s the age limit for Trick or Treating – would I, a 31-year-old, get arrested if I try it alone?

How many sweets shall I give per child?

Am I supposed to say something magical when giving sweets to children?

What shall I do when I prepare lots of sweets then no one turn up?

See? This is getting scary. So many things that I have to Google… (or, of course, you could kindly let me know how it actually works). Anyway, today’s skull making is my first small step towards proper Halloween”!




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    Thanks a million for featuring my tutorial! And yes, I now have much clearer idea about Halloween now, thanks to you :) Happy Halloween and happy felting!!

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