Felties and Felt board tutorial

I remember when I was little and went to Sunday school and the teacher had a very large felt board with felt characters and would tell us the story of the birth of Christ.  We all sat quiet as mice and loved her presentation.   This is a simpler board with basic shapes but could be made any way you would like with shapes or characters.  Christy of “Whimsical Whimsies” believes that everyone has a creative side and it will come out if you are patient.  She also believes “It is so important to teach our children the value of making things and using our talents and creativity to develop our own ideas–not to mention the incredible value of saving our money”!    Today Christy is showing us how to make her creative Felties and Felt board and I love it.  What an amazing idea for children to get to learn shapes and colors, thanks Christy



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