Pretty Felt Partridge Christmas Ornament pattern

“And-a-Partridge-in-a-Pear-tree” but this darling Partridge can go on the Christmas tree or make a sweet gift for a friend. The white Partridge is so charming with its little red head feather and rainbow wings and tail. Use Snow-white felt and colorful scraps for this project. To get this pattern go to Better Homes and Gardens for the complete instructions.


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    Such a cute little bird. Can anyone tell me “What should I use to draw small pattern pieces on wool felt?” I used a sharp pencil to make very fine lines, but it left the wool looking kinda grey from the lead dust. It made my little doll look dirty.

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    Try a wet white water color pencil, you don’t have to press hard and it will dry and you will not notice it. You could use the paper pattern and pins.

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