Felt Christmas tree Template and DIY


This is my project and I hope it works for you.  You will need heavy printer paper and 1 or 2 sheets of the color of felt you want and craft glue or hot glue, I used the hot glue.  This is really a free form project so have fun with it.  Fold your felt and cut several leaves at one time.  Use the heaviest paper you can print on an 8.50 X 11 sheet and cut out the cone and the leaf “this is your pattern leaf”.  Apply glue when indicated on the cone and shape cone.  You can make the leaves as large or small, or as thick or thin as you want.  Use a pair of pinking shears if you have a good pair, mine are dull; or shag out the ends of the leaves or leave them plain.  Begin gluing leaves from the bottom up by staggering the leaves.  Just do your own thing.  If you want a tiny tree shrink the image.  I cut some branches and glued them into the tree and stuck into the form and covered with moss or fiber fill.  When you enlarge or make the template smaller; make sure you keep the aspect ratio. This cone was made in a cone creating program.   Ckick on the template to enlarge the picture before printing.



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