Handmade Felt Ornaments tutorial

This is a project that may encourage you to teach your little ones to sew.  My daughter is married with a child and is still having me sew on their buttons. I always sewed; knit, crocheted, painted, felted, did graphic designs and sculpture in front of her when she was a child; she never took an interest in any of my endeavors.  Today she is an accomplished business woman, and I am not, so there are different strokes for different folks. This project is done using cookie cutters as the templates to cut out hearts and apples or whatever shape you would be interested in using. I know Christmas is over but with New Year’s coming we always wear something with a touch of red on New Year’s Day. How adorable would this apron with the little heart or Apple in the pocket be when you are serving your New Year’s Eve dinner. As shown in the picture above a young child is able to do this craft, under adult supervision and will be extremely proud if she or her mother wears her lovely creation. To get your tutorial go over to “JustMommies” and see how easy this is to make. Do keep this in mind for Valentine’s Day!


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