Lovely felt Hearts and Beads garland tutorial, EDITED

A reader pointed out that this is BetzWhite’s  tutorial posted on Craftzine! So I will edit this posting and I am sorry that “Pinerest” took me to the site below.   Wow, the tutorials are the same; I will link it to Betz!  Go here, but in the interest of reposting someone else’s work happening again please look at the Chinese site and let me know why this has happened were the name of their site appears on the picture.  Here is the link to the real heart tutorial by Betz!

Although this tutorial is in Chinese text I think the pictorial instructions are clear enough for us to follow.  What a delightful decoration this garland will make for Valentine’s Day.  You can translate some of it in BING.  I am not sure, but I think the site is named “Owl” or fill me in if you know more about the artist.  I found this in “Pinerest” and the tutorial is here.  



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