Make Felted Wool Thrift shop Sweater; Mr. Right for Valentines

Erika Kern is a contributor for “CraftStylish” and is not a big Valentine’s Day fan because she feels that makes people in relationships feel as though they must spend to prove their love and to make the singles out there feel as though they were the loneliest sots in the entire world.  Although she has never had a Valentine’s she still believes in romance so she made her own “Mr. Right”! She offers some of the cutest ideas for making Mr. Right or make your own yucky ex! This is the reason she did not add a pattern because all of us have different ideas of what ours should look like.  Erika cut up the rest of the sweater for the stuffing; then she used her thrifted typewriter to type out her all her ideal Valentine wishes, like brings me soup when I am is sick and rolled the cut strips and stuffed them into her perfect man along with the stuffing.  When you get to the tutorial, hit the view all for all the excellent instructions.  Thanks for the adorable tutorial, Erika!

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