Felt Flower Scarf Tutorial

The scarf in this tutorial is so lovely and you can make it in any color you like.  Amy of “Watch me Daddy” has this wonderful Felt Flower Scarf tutorial for us to follow.  I like to learn a little about the people I write about and I learned that Amy has her blog in memory of her dad who she lost in April and sometimes writes letters to him about how much she misses him and what she learned from him.  Amy finds it important to journal about her feelings and how painful his passing still is for her.  Thanks Amy for the lovely tutorial.   




  1. Mohra Taylor says

    Linda, I made this scarf for my daughter for Christmas and it was perfect. I made it out of black wool that was felted with royal blue, orange, green and white. It was a bit tricky cutting out the flowers so the colours showed, but it was so worth the effort. I’ll post a pic soon. Thanks for the detailed pattern. Mohra

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