Felt Alphabet Soup tutorial

Kristen created this darling gift for one of her favorite one year olds birthday and it is so creative.  Kristen the host of “Make the best of everything” thought of this idea of making “Alphabet Soup”, after this little girl’s mom told her about how her daughter likes to play with items in the kitchen.  We all know how much little ones love to play with pots and pans with a wooden spoon.  I am sure Kristen’s little one year old friend will spend many fun hours playing with her wonderful handmade toy.  For the “Alphabet Soup” tutorial go over to “Make the best of everything” and thanks Kristen for your amazing idea.  You can follow “Make the best of everything” on Facebook.


  1. elize says

    What a wonderful idea!! My grandson will be one this year and I am surely going to make him this gift. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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