How to Needle Felt 3D Carrots video & tutorial

Wow, this is the neatest idea for creating a spectacular decoration for Easter “Needle Felt 3D Carrots” and they are fantastic!  Check out the video on how to make these needle felted Carrots that comes with a step-by-step tutorial too! About: Craft Passion is authored by Joanne. L; Joanne spends most of her work-free time taking care of her 2 kids while developing patterns and tutorials for Craft Passion. Her passion in sharing crafts and positive feedbacks from readers motivate her to up her game in creating crafts. “Roving is expensive explains Joanne;  so try to needle felt the core with other material to the shape and size you want, and then needle felt colored wool roving to cover the core. Joanne read that we can needle felt a sculptural core with major fiber, so, she tried it with polyester stuffing material since it is readily available in her craft room. Other materials like wool batting, wool core are those commonly used in the felting core”.  Thanks Joanne for the lovely tutorial.


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