DIY Totoro Plush Tutorial & Pattern

I found this delightful plushy named “Totoro“on Cheek & Stitch; this little guy is designed and created by Hayao Miyazaki.  Amanda hopes you find this tutorial of her “Totoro“ plushy enjoyable and make a Totoro plush for yourself or as a gift! Amanda has an amazing tutorial and pattern for you to follow.  Cheek & Stitch is a world of plush characters.  It is made by Amanda and Julio.  Amanda is an illustrator and product designer who loves to create cute characters and bring them to life as toys.  Julio is a web designer with a strong passion for design and coding websites.  Follow Cheek & Stitch on Facebook and Twitter and keep up with their new projects.  Correction :(

The character Totoro was created my Hayao Miyazaki for the film; My Neighbour Totoro.


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