How to make a Pompom Owl tutorial

Gail of “that artist woman” believes in discovering life one art adventure at a time. When I saw her site I was amazed at how many projects she covered. She has 3-D sculptural, paint and paper, textiles, mixed media, art elements, summer projects, spring projects and book reviews. Her site is so diverse that all of us will find something that is of interest to us.  Today I want to introduce you to her amazingly detailed tutorial on how to make a pom-pom Owl. Gail gives you step-by-step instructions and wonderful pictures for you to follow to achieve a similar look and feel    for the owl you will be making.  This would make an amazing Mother’s Day gift or an end of the school year gift for a teacher.  To see her pom-pom owl tutorial click here. Thank you so much Gail for sharing all your amazing tutorials and talent.


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