Queen of Hearts Felt Earrings tutorial


Mallory Paige knew for fact that she wasn’t “artistic” and she was pretty sure that she didn’t even have a crafty or creative bone in her body.  She was passionate about bringing handmade into her life. Then she decided to just try. First an easy knitting project; it turned out and compliments flowed in from others. The momentum was building.  Second a patchwork shower curtain; it enlivened the tiny bathroom and brought her joy. Her confidence was increasing. Third an appliquéd owl dish towel; it was so cute and unbelievably simple to make. She was officially riding the creative wave, and does not plan to ever stop.

We are so happy she did and has her blog “Mallory Paige” out of Seattle and is sharing her “Queen of Hearts Felt Earrings tutorial” with us today.  What an amazing mother’s day gift these would make.  She is right about trying your hand at creativity and you may surprise yourself.   Follow Mallory on Twitter and like her on Facebook.  Thanks Mallory for the lovely tutorial.

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