Felted Rainbow Rocks Tutorial

Shanti of “twig and toadstool” is a home schooling momma to 2 young girls and is married to her childhood sweetheart.   They live in Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada.  Shanti loves life and admits that she, like the rest of us questions many of the things she does trying the measure up.  Well folks as you can see from the picture above she does not lack in the creativity department.  How amazing are these rainbow of rocks; they are dazzling. Her girls recently returned from a visit with their Oma and Opa with these beautiful, smooth river rocks. They have wanted to try felting rocks and these ones worked just perfectly.  So let’s all get out and find some smooth rocks to felt and I have seen bags of smooth rocks like these in the dollar store, so don’t feel as if you have to be near a river. Shanti has a beautifully laid out tutorial for you to follow and I see her daughters working along with her.  Thanks Shanti for sharing your talents. Follow Shanti on Facebook!

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