Felt and fabric Cell Phone case tutorial

Michael Ann hosts her blog “MichaelAnnMade” out of Portland, Oregon.  Michael Ann am pretty excited  about having a guest post for a felt phone case DIY featured on her dear friend Janee’s blog – yellow bird yellow beard!  She has so many delightful tutorials on her blog and today I want to share her Felt and fiber cell phone case tutorial with you. This is a super simple DIY, perfect for anyone learning how to sew, or anyone in need of a cute new little phone case. It is all hand stitched and looked easy to make. the full tutorial for this felt phone case diy can be found on the yellow bird blog so be sure to pop over there and tell janee hello!  Pick a color felt and a patterned lining and make a few to match your summer outfits.  You can follow Michael Ann on Pinterest and Facebook.

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