Bead making for preschoolers (tutorial)

Kristin of “Kleas Blog” has been making these charming beads at their preschool.  Using the beads they made in school the children created sweet bracelets and necklaces.  Think of all the fun colors the children can use to express their personalities.   The children enjoy making what they call snakes the foundation of the bead.  They love using the wool roving, a bowl of warm water, dish soap and eager children to start the wet felting process. Once there are plenty of beads, you can begin stringing them.  They used clear nylon beading cord which requires a lobster clasp that Kristin attaches for the children.  Kristin says that using elastic cord for jewelry making would work just fine and the children would only have to knot it together.  What a wonderful craft for small hands and with the warm weather this would be a perfect outdoor picnic table craft.  Thanks Kristin for the fun idea and lovely tutorial.


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