How to cheat on felt badges- tutorial

BirdBones a Friend of Craftster has these fun badges for us to make.  It is a good way to use up your felt scraps and make unusual badges to make a statement. She has done an amazing job and has a neat tutorial with ideas for you to follow.  I think you could make some scary Halloween ones with the help of this tutorial.  A good while ago, another member of Craftster started a thread about Craftster Scouts badges and BirdBones has been fiddling with achievement badges for all sorts of crafting capabilities and catastrophes ever since. She enjoys making the badges because it’s fun and gives her a feeling of using the otherwise empty time spent on public transportation each day. But how to get the details you’d like when you lack the capabilities of some of the advanced miniature-creating folk? Tutorial on a mixed media felt badge technique that allows for details not usually found in felt badges. Great for people new to felt work (minimal sewing) and for award badges for kids (and adults!). Well, if you’d like to have something like the ones pictured above start here with her tutorial. 

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