Sewing Tuesday: Stranded stuffie felt starfish Tutorial

Holly the host of “holloughby” was walking her dog on the beach in the UK when she came across a large deceased Starfish.  She felt sad and hoped the Starfish died of old age and left behind many other grandchildren starfish.  Holly decided to make one to remember the one she found and somehow keep this lovely sea creature alive.  She did just that and hers is beautiful.  As you can see in the picture she has her starfish on the window ledge, leaning on a pebble.  Holly has a step-by-step pictorial tutorial for you to follow. Enjoy! Find the tutorial here!


  1. Lori Ann says

    I LOVE starfish!! I’m gonna make some in several colors and fill a bowl with them. Right now, I’m in school at 44, living with my parents, in FL, which I HATE. 2 years, and I’m moving to Oregon, which I LOVE!! Many starfish there, and amazing art and glass. I’m gonna make some starfishes to put in a big glass bowl on my dining room table…once it’s out of storage! lol. :) Thanks for the tute!!

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