How to find time to craft! & a “Flowery felt coaster tutorial”

Raphaële hosts “La Creature and you” and offers some good advice “How to find time to craft”!  She also has this sweet “Flowery felt coaster tutorial” for you. Raphaële is a French Dubliner: she has been living in Dublin, Ireland with her husband and kids for 6 years. Before this they were living in Paris where most of their family lives. The bottom line of her blog is “Home-made fun and craft therapy” because she really believes crafts are good to keep us all happy and sane. Now is not the place to tell you how and when she found out. But the thing is she highly recommends any kind of crafting to everybody, even in small amount. Making something with her own hands, lovely materials and colors is one of her favorite things.  She loves sewing, working with felt and bright colors. Follow her on Facebook and Pinterest to keep informed about her latest ideas and projects.


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