The Advent Calendar Project Week 22 Felt Owls

Kat of “just crafty enough” started The Advent Calendar Project way back on June 1, 2012.  Today she is sharing her week 22 project her lovable felt Owls to slip into one of the pockets of The Advent Calendar.  Now this is what I call a true crafter commitment.  I would like you to take a look at all of her projects from the beginning with the Advent Calendar and I will give the links of each week up to now. Kat will have it complete before December first so the children can begin placing the cherished items in each pocket throughout the month of December until Christmas. 

Pocket Advent Calendar
Week 1 – Willow Wreath Frame Ornament
Week 2 – Wooden Star Ormnament
Week 3 – Felt Rocking Horse
Week 4 – Knit Mini Mittens
Week 5 – Snow Covered Initials
Week 6 – Little Snow People
Week 7 – Paper Onion Dome and Ball
Week 8 – Knit Candy Cane
Week 9 – Pom Pom Santa
Week 10 – Patterned Reindeer
Week 11 – Little Wooden Santa
Week 12 – Paper circle and cube ornaments
Week 13 – Mini Knit Snowman
Week 14 – Little Wooden Angel
Week 15 – Button Initial Ornament
Week 16 – Glitter Bird Ornament
Week 17 – Tiny Toques
Week 18 – 3-D Snowflake with Hanging Star
Week 19 – Jeweled Trees
Week 20 – Tiny Knit Sweater Week 21 – Burlap Heart

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