3 Stunning felt Christmas trees tutorial!

Gail at Purple Hues and Me created these amazing set of Christmas trees she had seen at Horchow for $265.00 and they were posted on ‘Knock off Décor” and you can find her tutorial on her blog Purple Hues and Me.  I almost flipped out because I have seen these at a couple of high-end shops and really wanted them and now I can make them thanks to Gail’s clever knock-offs.  Gail relates: “The trees are made by artisans of India, handcrafted of felted wool. They were created by overlapping red leaves on cone shapes. How easy is that in the world of crafting? I won’t bore you to death with a tutorial. We’ve all seen lots of cone shaped trees made out of burlap, sheet music, cardboard, ribbon or what have you. It’s all a matter of when you see something that’s interesting or that you like, and you look at the outrageous price and decide, “I’M GONNA MAKE ONE OF THESE.”  She did and we thank her. Here is a printable template for the cone from “Craft Gossip Felting”!  Follow Gail on Pinterest!


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    Thank you Linda for the fabulous shoutout featuring my post on the red felt trees. I am truly honored and humble. Felting Crafts is an awesome site and you definitely rock!!!

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