Felt Hot Cup of Cocoa Ornament Tutorial

Beverly of “Flamingo Toes” has is clever hot Cocoa cup with marshmallows to deck out you Christmas tree; her Felt Hot Cocoa Ornament tutorial for you to create in any color you fancy, but I think the marshmallows should remain white.   Beverly is a wife and mother who lives in sunny California and wears flips-flops all year but went to college in Flagstaff, AZ though where there was an actual winter. This little ornament is perfect to remind her of those cold winter nights when she curled up near a fire and sipped Cocoa.  She got the idea when she was in Target the other day and saw these cute pj’s in the girls section that had a smiling mug of cocoa and two little cute marshmallows on the front and this ornament was born.  She has a lovely pictorial tutorial for you and a downloadable pattern.  Thanks Bev for sharing this charming tutorial.  Like “Flamingo Toes” on Facebook and watch her wall for new ideas.    


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