DIY Wool Felt iPad Sleeve

I have heard that many people received some types of e-pads, I-Pads, Tablets, e-readers such as nooks or kindles and would like an attractive sleeve to carry and store it in.   Are you looking for a quick and lovely post holiday gift idea try making a wool iPad sleeve. This great accessory suits men and women, children and grandparents. The cover or sleeve protects the device from scratches, chips and other damage.  Lucy is one of three authors on “The Things We Do Blog” and has this charming tutorial on their blog for us to recreate her Wool iPad Sleeve or any other pad or tablet all you have do is make a few adjustments in her pattern.  Embellish yours to fit yourself or the person you would like to gift and help keep our new electronics looking like new.  Thanks Lucy for sharing your tutorial and have a great New Year!


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    Really happy to be featured at Craftgossip!
    Thank you Linda! Do hope that this tutorial will be useful for crafty people who got some tablets or e-readers for Christmas.
    Happy Holidays!

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