Make a Cozy Felted Owl DIY

cute owl

I found these adorable little owls on Better Homes & Gardens website.  They offer you complete instructions as how to needle felt these owls. I would like to offer a suggestion when making these owls; if you buy Styrofoam balls or an egg shaped ball you will use far less roving in your project. You can embellish these anyway you like and I think it would be darling to make one or several in Valentine colors; like red, pinks, purples and any other color you feel would be appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Give needle felting a try and you will learn to love it and can produce adorable gifts for family and friends. I hope you all give these a try and I think you will enjoy needle felting as your new winter craft.


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    Make sure you don’t use those sealed Styrofoam balls…. your felting needles will break when trying to felt on top of them!! Use the balls or eggs that have lots of little holes!!

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