Molly’s Sketchbook: Valentine Felt Heart Barrettes & Felt Candy Hearts

Heart BarrettesCandy Hearts

Molly of “Purl Bee” always comes up the sweetest ideas for holidays and these Valentine tutorials are easy to make and the children will love them.  Molly relates; “One of my very first sewing projects was a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day pillow. Under the fearless tutelage of my kindergarten teachers Pat and Dot, I first sewed together two pieces of bright red flannel. Then, with my shaky five-year-old handwriting, I embroidered “I Love You” in thick white wool. We all took our time using blunt needles to spell out those three little words, and I remember feeling so proud when I presented it to my mom”.  Thanks Molly for sharing your talent with us.  Find the “Felt Heart Barrettes” and the “Felt Candy Hearts” Here and enjoy!


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