How to Make a Potluck Dish Cozy (from a felted sweater)

Potluck Dish Cozy

Diane Gilleland produces has her “Potluck Dish Cozy” featured on “MakeZine”!  This is a clever repurposed idea inspired by her Mom. When her mom had to bring a hot dish to a potluck, she usually wraps it in old towels so it stayed warm in transit. Diane decided to refashion a felted wool sweater into a kind of padded envelope to carry potluck dishes in. The food will stay warm, and when you get there, you’ll have a built-in trivet to set it on!  This is a great way to remake an old wool sweater into something useful and pretty. She has a step-by-step pictorial tutorial for you to follow.  Thanks Diane for the wonderful project.


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    Thank you so much for featuring my project here, Linda! I’ve had occasion to use my cozy a couple times since I made it, and it really does a great job holding in heat during transit.

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