Make A Custom Felt Bunny Family

bunny family

 Amy of “while wearing heels” has turned her family into bunnies by creating her own custom felt bunny family.  This easy no sew is such a fun cute project and everyone in your family will react when they see themselves.  Amy suggests this has the possibility of becoming a family “hareloom”.  Personalize each bunny to reflect something unique about each family member.   Amy is introducing us to her “while wearing heels” bunny family.  “Thank goodness Mommy Bunny was having a good hare day. Then there is daddy bunny who won mommy bunny over with a 24 carrot ring. Last but certainly not least, Baby Bunny.  Baby Bunny enjoys spending her day playing hopscotch.   A truly “EARresistable” bunny family.  Amy as usual has a wonderful pictorial tutorial for you to follow as you fashion your bunny family.  Thank you so much Amy for sharing all your darling projects.


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