Tutorial: Felt Easter Chick

Easter Chic

Our friend Sedef of “Down Grapevine Lane” has the most adorable “Tutorial for an Easter Chick”!  I just had to put her story here about making her chick because it is so cute:  Sedef: “I have missed working with felt, so I decided to make a felt chick for Easter. It took me quite a long time to draft up the pattern (as let’s face it, I am no artist). My first few attempts at drawing a chick were quite woeful (and hilarious). The poor thing looked like a mutant alien chick from outer space. I persevered and in the end it started to look like a proper chick (and quite cute, even if I say so myself). My toddler certainly adores it – though he keeps calling it “Duck”!  I guess it does look a bit like a duck”!  Thanks Sedef for the sweet story and sharing your tutorial!

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