Checker Felt Pouch Pattern and Tutorial

checker pouch 

Onel our bilingual (English-Indonesian) blog-keeper of “Onelmon” has a new craft topic and the subject is on the chess’ checker pattern. Onel asks: Anybody playing chess here? We can have a match! Kidding, she does not even know the basic rules. All the same, she likes chess and loves the black and white checker pattern as well as the chessmen.  From her love of chess’ checker pattern gave birth to her darling “Basic Woven Pouch” Onel tells us “(I think those pieces have awesome shapes, even the plain pawns). And with the checker pattern in mind, I thought I might as well try doing felt weaving here (a really simple basic weaving) and I ended up making a pouch out of it or to be precise, a pair of them. Care to try making one”?  Thanks once again Onel for sharing with us.


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