Felt Flowered Pillow Cover & Felt 3D butterfly display DIY

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Ashley made two projects that go together and you can make both or one.  She created the Felt Flowered Pillow using a “Go! Cutter” but you can easily cut the circles by hand.  The other is a precious 3D butterfly display that she also has a pattern for the butterfly and Ashley is using them both in her toddler’s room, so sweet.  What little girl would not adore the room Ashley created? Ashley is the mom of 3 kids and is the wife to a very patient husband.  “Make it & Love it” is her space to share her latest project; some sewing, a bit of crafting, a lot of trial/error, and sometimes even some recipes. She says she can ignore a dirty bathroom while she finishes her latest project.  Be sure you check out all her tutorials they are awe-inspiring.  Thanks Ashley for sharing your talents with us.

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