Make It: I just FELT like crafting!


This craft idea comes from Martha Stewart’s site.   We love felt says Kristin St. Clair  thinks she speaks for all of us here  in the MS TV craft department where she works when she makes that statement. We use it so often—on all different kinds of craft projects—that we have amassed quite the collection of wool felts. All our felt is stored in plastic bins by color and take up a large portion of our fabric section. We keep one bin just for scraps labeled appropriately “felt bits”. That bin was depleted for a while when I went haywire on it back in August. What should have just stayed small, like the original idea below, just kept growing and growing. Before I knew it, I had used all our green felt and had more of a doormat than a trivet!  Everyone agreed that the time and money put into this “mat” was too much to just be stepped on, so it’s been sitting on a shelf for months now. Kristin was thinking maybe she should just go for it and make a full size carpet, what do you think? How stunning is this mat.  Find the original trivet tutorial on the same link.

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