Adjustable Party Felt Hat tutorial

Felt party hat

Our Onel is inspiring us again with her adorable “felt party hat tutorial” on how to make her simple and adjustable hat.  These hats can be made is any color with any party theme and unlike paper ones they can be worn again and again by the kids when taken home after the party.  Pretty in pink for the girls or true blue for the boys.  These hats can be made for dress up too and a project the kids can join in making. Once again thanks Onel for sharing with us.


  1. Cassie says

    It’s a neat craft, no complaints there, but I really wish the editors of this site (I’m not singling you out; I’ve seen it here a lot, sadly) would stop lacing their descriptions with subtly sexist suggestions about which colors/toys/activities are “appropriate” choices for girls and which are for boys. It’s not necessary; please just describe the craft and leave the gender role commentary out of it!

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