How to Make and Use Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer Balls

I have covered making “Wool Dryer Balls” a couple of times; but I think these are something we should all think about using.  They work and would make a lovely “Mother’s Day Gift” and they last for years and years!  Are you looking for a new way to save some money and the environment?  This step-by-step pictorial tutorial comes from “Earthy Crunchy Mama” on how to make the balls from yarn!  Did you know that wool dryer balls help your laundry in many ways? They are a natural fabric softener (since you cannot use fabric softener on your cloth diapers, this is a great alternative), they reduce the static in your clothes and they break up the clothes while in your dryer so that they dry faster. There are 2 different ways to make dryer balls. Wool batting, and wool yarn. This tutorial is with yarn, since it is the simplest and easiest to get the supplies for.  You are going to be walked through step by step on how to make your own dryer balls, with some simple steps and some time (and maybe a little hand numbness) but hey! They promise us, it is worth it in the end.  Follow them on Facebook!

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