Samantha’s DIY: Felt flowers

DIY felt pins

Samantha’s flowers look like high end designer pieces.   The colors she selected are so stunning and I would love one of these for Mother’s Day; hint-hint!  Samantha lives in Brooklyn, New York from where she hosts her blog “Bromeliad” Living on Air, Water and Sunshine! Meaning of bromeliads; are resourceful plants that pull nutrients out of the thin air and reach light by attaching themselves to taller trees.  Samantha emphasizes this is a quick and easy DIY for a busy week.  So try one and see what you think and let her know.  Follow her on facebook and be the first to see her latest creations.


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    I adore your brooches and would love to get one from one of my kids :) Let me know when you post another tutoria, thnaks again for sharing.

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