Faux Felted Water Bottle Bracelets tutorial and eBook

Faux felt bracletseBook

This cute doable “Faux Felted Water Bottle Bracelet” comes from “Fave Crafts” and was created by Heidi Borchers and she has a good pictorial tutorial.  There is also a free downloadable book “Trash to Treasure: 28 Recycled Crafts” that have many fun ideas for the summer:

Trash to Treasure: 28 Recycled Crafts eBook

Table of Contents

Crafting with Tin Cans and Aluminum: Soup Can Pencil Holder, Tin Can Organizer, Robbie the Recycled Robot, Soda Can Coasters, Tuna Can Party Lights

Wine Bottle Crafts: Tissue Wine Bottle Vases, Wine Cork Board, Green Pendant Wind Chime,

Hemp Wrapped Wine Bottle

Tee Shirt Crafts: How to Make a Tee Shirt Fringe Scarf, Bonebraid Keychain,

T shirt Necklace

Crafting with Toilet Paper Rolls

and Cardboard: Paper Tube Lavender Sachet, Drink Carton Gift Box, Cardboard Ribbon Spool Flowers, Eco Green Tea Light Holder

Various Paper Crafts: Paper Plate Gratitude Flowers, How to Make Paper Beads, Water colored Coffee Filter Roses

Crafting with Plastic and Glass: Mod Podge Mason Jars, Pop Bottle Dish with Ribbon, Plastic Bottle Bathroom Storage, Coffee Jug Planter, Water Bottle Storage

Other Great Trash to Treasure:

Ideas Missing Key Plant Markers, Old Jeans Bracelet, Illuminating Cake Stand,  Recycled CD Coasters. . .enjoy!

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