Felt Food Tutorials

Felt Food Tutorials

Polly of “Pieces by Polly” said it is getting a bit cumbersome to update the list of felt food tutorials in each post, so here they are. Don’t forget to some readers’ felt food creations for more great inspiration.  This posting is so great for us due to the fact that we can click on the link of the felt food that interest you. 


Felt Peanut Butter and Jelly

Felt Bread Slices

Felt Banana and Peel

Felt Orange Peel

Felt Orange Sections with Printable Pattern

Felt Lettuce Leaves with Printable Pattern

Felt Chocolate Mini-Cupcakes with Printable Pattern

Felt Sliced Cheese

Felt Strawberries

Felt Carrots

Mini-Tin Cans (Not felt, but so easy and practically free)

Felt Sunny-side Up Eggs

Felt Scrambled Eggs

Felt Butter & Syrup

Felt Pancakes (including a dinosaur version)

Felt Blueberry Muffin

Felt Fajitas (Adding Chicken Pieces/Chicken Nuggets)

Felt Sliced Bell Peppers

Felt Sliced Tomato

Felt Shredded Cheese

Felt Sliced Onions

Felt Pizza Sauce

The Amazing Changing Felt Pizza Crust/Tortilla

Felt Tortellini Pasta

Felt Agnolotti Pasta

Felt Bow Tie Pasta

Remake Cheap Toy Food Boxes to Last


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