Free Project! Kitty Kat Pincushion pattern & instructions


This is the cutest Kitty Kat Pincushion!  Anyone would love to receive this as a gift for any occasion.  They do not have to be sewers; we all have pins of one kind or another.  This comes from “doll maker’s journey” by: By Sue Daniel and you have two downloads as follows: Download Project Directions in PDF – Click Here! Download Project Pattern in PDF – Click Here!


  1. Kathy Steiner says

    Very cute, can’t wait to make one. If you can’t open the .pdf, try right clicking on the “click here” link, then save it on your computer, then open it. This worked for me.

  2. says

    The cut lines are explained on the directions: Sew on the marked lines at approximately 12 stitches/inch. Back stitch at the beginning and end
    of all lines of sewing. Do not leave an opening on the head, body front, or body back. Leave
    open where indicated on the ears and tail. Cut out each pattern piece leaving a 1/8th-inch seam
    allowance. Cut along the lines for the openings on the ears and tail, .
    Cut openings in the head, body front, and body back as indicated on the pattern. Make the cut
    through one side only. Using turning tools, turn the cat’s body pieces, head, tail, and ears right
    side out. Be sure to smooth out all the seams and push out the points as much as possible.
    Because felt is thick and stiff, this turning part might prove to be a bit trying. Small finger
    turning tools are helpful.

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