How to make a needle felted rattle tutorial

baby rattle

What a special gift is felted rattle would be for any new baby, make it pink, blue or to go with the baby’s room. Melissa of “Milo and Ben” warns; when making the rattle you need something to house the bell. If you just use the bell on its own the wool will muffle the sound. Place the bell inside a container such as a film canister, a hair dye glove box container, or as you see here a cat toy! If you don’t have a cat toy laying around just take the bell and put it in your container, be sure to tape it shut just in case.  Melissa was born and raised in Mexico now living in Milton, Ontario. She is married and has two cats (Milo & Benjamin) and this is the name of her blog and ETSY shop: “Milo and Ben” 


  1. Donna says

    amazing I saw this done on TV and can’t stop looking for a craft page to help me make something by felting its the coolest thing Ive ever seen

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