Pin the Heart on the Skeleton Fun Pattern

Skeleton Fun Pattern1Skeleton Fun Pattern2

Aimée is a co-founder and designer of Paging Supermom.  She enjoys squeezing in some personal creative time. Aimée was scouring the net trying to find some party-friendly Halloween activities, she came across Pin the Heart on the Skeleton (essentially a Halloween version of the classic game Pin the Tail on the Donkey). Although she read about it several places, she couldn’t find anywhere to purchase it. So, She took matters into her own hands and appliquéd one with recycled felt.  I would say she did an amazing job and this would thrill any little one and would teach them about body parts, too cute. There is a free skeleton pattern to download. Thanks Aimée for sharing your creation!  Give “Paging Supermom” a like on facebook.


  1. Audrey says

    This could be a great Halloween countdown for my grandkids.. by Halloween,, he could be all put together!

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