Sew & Tell: Felted Acorns without wool or water

Felted Acorns2Felted Acorns

Carolyn of “homework” is a freelance marketing manager and a blogger. Her tagline is:  today’s assignment – be inspired and she has inspired us today with her “Sew & Tell: Felted Acorns without wool or water”!  I have featured, made and given away the wet felted Acorns over the years, but none have been as easy as Carolyn’s. Now you can make darling felted acorns without wool or water. Try these faux felted acorns by making a ball with fuzzy yarn.    Every time she sees a picture of the darling felted wool acorns she falls in love with them all over again. She had always wanted to make some but she was missing a few key supplies the wool roving and acorn caps.  This year, she had the acorn caps, but no wool roving so she thought out-of-the-box and came up with these beauties.  Thanks Carolyn for this fun and easy tutorial.

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