DIY Felt Sushi Costume for a Dog

DIY Sushi Costume for a Dog

Jen’s kids got so much candy from different parties this weekend she is actually eating one of the kids’ Twix bars right now because she had to make sure it was safe. You know, for the kids. Unfortunately for them, it seems all the Reese’s cups and Twix bars are unsafe and the Snickers and pretty much everything that involves chocolate in some way, those were all confiscated. You can never be too cautious :)  After finishing up her son Connor’s hooded dragon cape, she called it quits on costumes for the season. Then, while she was pinning stuff on Pinterest  (you can follow us here!) She came across this adorable DIY baby sushi costume. Right then, she decided she needed to make a sushi costume for someone, and who better than her partner’s Shannon’s little black Jack Russell/black lab mix. She used some of the leftover orange and green felt and put this together in a little over an hour. Get Jen’s darling tutorial “DIY Sushi Costume for a Dog” on “Eat-Sleep- Make”!  Thanks Jen for sharing!

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