No sew Halloween Bat Pillow Tutorial

No sew Bat Pillow

Christine is a 30 something full-time Mom, Wife, Blogger and “The D.I.Y. Dreamer”  where she has this cool tutorial on how to make a “No sew Bat Pillow”! Christine does not sew yet but she is learning.  She really wanted a Halloween Pillow but she couldn’t find one until Wal-Mart had a gorgeous black and oh so soft pillow on liquidation for $10. When she got home her daughter asked her to take out some felt so she could make some little Halloween Characters.  Then it dawned on her…..WHITE FELT!!!  She had some white felt on hand which is like $0.39 a piece a lot cheaper than the $11.97 white fabric she picked up. Obviously she will be returning the fabric! This is how she made this simple cute Bat Pillow, so find a pillow and a hot glue gun! Give “The D.I.Y. Dreamer” a like on Facebook!

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