DIY: Mittens from Old Sweaters

sweater mittens

This project comes from “Smart Homewares” where they are big fan of DIY. As we all know, getting stuck in to DIY projects around the home is smart, economical and creative… and if you have little ones it can certainly keep them entertained too!  Lana Winter is one of their featured writers and when she isn’t coaxing words into submission, she can be found hiking in the woods around her home in rural Quebec with her husband, or being a domestic eco-goddess in her vegetable garden, kitchen, or knitting corner.  She has a tutorial and pattern on how to up-cycle old felted wool sweater into mitten.  She has a pattern and instruction.  Today our little one did not have mittens in chilly Ohio and now I can make him some or many pairs; as you know kids sure loose them often enough; so having extras is a good idea.


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