Christmas continues with natural handmade trees from Sweden, instructions

handmade treesI am letting Melinda of “Me & Alice” explain how her and her boys created their Christmas tree projects :)  This year it will be not so much red accents in the Lind Bergska home … however; most of it goes in a natural color scheme. That’s fine with change and next year maybe I’m red and white again, who knows? ;-).Me and the boys made their own small trees at the weekend. All that is needed is a small pot, Styrofoam or oasis, green moss, sticks from nature and a strut of any kind. I used cones in plain cardboard box here. Since it is only your imagination that sets its limits. Alan199dude and Viktor did his in some more colored colors with glitter and bookmarks of course :-). Thanks Melinda for sharing.

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