Christmas Elf Felt Wine Bottle Covers instructions

elf wine hatThis is the first of its kind I have seen; too cute from HGTV :) Before you bring a bare bottle of wine to your next holiday soiree, dress it up like an elf. First cut felt into an eight-inch-by-10-inch rectangle, and then fold into a conical shape. Fasten the folds tightly with a dab of fabric glue along the bottom. Next, cut faux fur into a triangle shape approximately four inches long by two inches wide, then attach along the inside edge of the felt cone. Add a pompom along the edge of the felt cone, and then slip onto the wine bottle.  P.S. you could use fluffy white yarn or white roving for the beard.


  1. says

    Love it, too, but how do you shape a rectangular piece of felt into a cone????? I have tried and tried and tried without success.

  2. Donna says

    You are right. You will need to make it a square. I started with a felt rectangle that was 9″X12″. I cut off to make a square 9″X9″. Then I googled cone hat for elves and saw how to round off the lower edge of the hat. They really are cute, especially in a grouping. Hope that helps!

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