Felt and Stitch Christmas Card

Rosie Pink cardLyn of “Rosie Pink” created her Christmas card but she does not have time to make some 80+ cards individually by hand, but she does like to send out cards of her own design, so she compromises by creating one piece of artwork then photographing it. The image can then be used to make many cards quite quickly.  She decided a robin eating a berry that looked like Christmas pudding would be fun, so she wet-felted a piece of felt from white merino.  When it had dried she loosely needle-felted into it the robin’s colors with merino wool then she wet-felted the whole thing for just a few minutes so that the robin was still fluffy. She used free-motion stitching, with black thread, to sketch in the details and a few hand cross-stitches to finish off the Christmas pudds.  Lyn’s card is just stunning and she has one clever idea here.  Thanks Lyn for showing us your card and a Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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