How to Create a Valentine cat with a heart

Cat Heart ValentineAlena of “Live Internet” created any cat lovers Valentine gift.  This is a Russian site and you will have to use Google Translate; but I think you can make this FOLLOWING the amazing pictures provided.  There is a cat pattern and a step-by-step tutorial “How to sew a Valentine cat with a heart”!  Here is what you will need:  Calico beige color

Red felt

sintepon (Wadding Polyester )

Acrylic paint – brown, white

Brown and red thread floss

Monofilament (like fishing line)

Red Tape

Dressmaker pins

Thread, paper, scissors, needle


  1. says

    If you translate the page they are in English and there are not many instructions, more pictures. I hate to leave other countries out and I do include them from time to time. If I can help with the instructions let me know :)

  2. Ruth says

    A great tutorial. Can all be done from the pictures, especially as you have already included a translation of the materials required. Good find!


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